Adobe Remix - Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashi

タカハシヒロユキミツメ × #Adobe Remix 
Hiroyuki-Mitume Takahashi × #Adobe Remix 


This is a story about a salary man working in big city Tokyo.

彼は日々の業務と上司からの圧力に疲弊していた。 地獄の満員電車、仕事の取れない外回り営業、愛想笑いで何とか乗り切る接待。 そんな希望の見出せない毎日を過ごす高橋にはもう一つの顔があった。
帰宅しヨレヨレのスーツを脱ぎ捨てる彼に一本の電話がかかってきた。 「ヒロユキさん。いつもお世話になっております!」 うって変わって自身に満ち溢れた表情の高橋は、ヒロユキという名前で副業を行なっていた。 デザイン界隈では有名な存在のイラストレーターなのだ。 今日も昼間のストレスを発散するかのように、依頼のデザインを制作していた。
ヒロユキはPCでデザインを作っている時に、さも実際に描いているかのような感覚に陥る時がある。 こういう時は決まって良いものが出来る。そう、今回の仕事の出来も良さそうだ... 

Takahasi, works for sales at an IT company in Tokyo.  He was exhausted by his daily work and pressure from his boss. A hell of crowded train, no sale after making the rounds and entertaining his boss with fake smile. There was another face in Takahashi who can not find such hope from his daily life.

He got home and took off his shabby suit, then he got a phone call. ”How are you doing? Hiroyuki.” Takahashi looked different and filled with himself, he does a side job under the name Hiroyuki. Hiroyuki is an famous illustrator in design field. He was making a design as if to release his stress from his daytime.

When Hiroyuki makes designs on PC, he feels like he is actually drawing. 
At such times he can make a really good image. Yes, it will be good work ...

*this story is fiction. Takahashi HIroyuki Mitsume is a designer / artist.

Director:Gen Kanaiduka
Director of Photography:Tomoyuki Kodaira (hand on inc.)
Technical Director:Daisuke Umezawa (hand on inc.)
Camera Assistant:Kohei Orui
Lighting Director:Takahiro Hiramoto
Chief Lighting Technician:Noriyuki Gonda
Second Lighting Technician:Yuuta Yazaki
Music:"Layer Upon Layer" by meta 
Co-Producer:Mikiharu Yabe (Agent Hamyak Inc.)
Producer:Yuichi Kawakami (HoriPro Inc.)
Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashi
Adobe Remix - Hiroyuki-Mitsume Takahashi