How to ensure ideal for retirement
Akadémia finančnej gramotnosti (Academy of Financial Literacy) is a broker company concentrating on education and practice in financial business. The main objective of the company is to provide high quality education, therefore great emphasis is laid upon different tools which help accomplish this aim. Educational videos are amongst them. In order to lead clients to better understanding of the studied matter, the academy concentrates on animated forms of expressing ideas.
The company approached us with a request of creating an animated film. The film scenes were drawn and the subsequent animation, editing and sound effects were performed using computer technology. Some objects were animated using classical drawing methods, but this could not be applied to the whole film due to its great complexity. The film's story was divided into two parts, where the first illustrates several real life situations and the other displays chart comparisons.
This project allowed us to experience the creation of an animated film and cooperate with picture and sound editing teams. 
Martin Šoltes, Peter Čaja