This post is more like a one day weather diary. So much can happen in one day. That is also why I love northern climate and light. 

13th Feb 2017. Staying at Kilpisjärvi, it's a small northern town beside Swedish and Norwegian border 69°N. My cabin is located 30m from the lake. All photos are taken near the cabin where I was staying, expect the rainbow.

13:30 Sky was burning and at the same time raining. 
14:34 I went to shop get some food and on the way I saw the rainbow! Shot from bus stop. Took only 2 frames, just for documentary purpose. 
20:53. Sky cleared up as weather turned into a storm. Wind peaked 40-45 m/s. I wanted to shoot stars before moonrise but there was also some northern lights. 
21:05. Aaah what a crazy wind. Great opportunity to shoot long exposures at windy conditions. I love this kind of feeling photography. 
21:22. At shore, I love the wind. In Finland not much storm level winds. 
21:24 Looks so calm but wind is howling hard. 
21:45 Low clouds came in hiding the hills from another side of the lake. I ski into lake, was hard to stay still as stormy 40m/s wind was pushing me forward. 
21:52 Back to land playing with the trees. 
21:56 Playing with the trees. Moon is rising and heavy clouds coming in.
03:46. Clouds came in earlier but before I went to sleep I look out from the window, moon was shining now. I was not really inspired going to shoot anymore as hard moonlight is bit boring, but I saw colours in the sky. Took one sample photo and OMG it was Polar stratospheric clouds shining with moonlight! What a extraordinary rare event. Polar stratospheric clouds were visible at daytime but Kilpisjärvi area was 100% cloudy at daytime. It was so powerful feeling standing out there, leaning into a wind and seeing something so beautiful and extraordinary. 
04:03. Polar stratospheric clouds under the moonlight. Time to go sleep. 
13th Feb 2017, Kilpisjärvi, Northern Finland.