Peace & Love
Selected works from my internship at Sweden's largest music festival.
Client: Peace & Love
Job: Graphic design/ illustrator (internship)
Date: 2 maj–2 juli, 2011
For two months I was an intern at Peace & Love in Borlänge. Mostly known as Sweden's largest music festival, but they are not just a festival. They are also a foundation, artist management and a café. They have employees during the whole year around. One of them is Elin, my mentor, she does all the visual elements, illustrations and graphic designs. I had one of my best experiences working with them, doing advertisement, posters, illustrations, banners and much more. There was always something I could do and I got many projects of my own to manage.
Below you will see some of the different projects I had.
'Lotus Passion'
Digital painting
Rock'n'Roll Heaven
Rock'n'Roll Heaven is a separate scene at P&L. I got to create a logotype and poster for this scene. I did the logo from scratch and in the poster I used parts from the original poster to make it suite the festival and still make it stand out as its own scene. You can also see the different banners that I made for it.
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Banner outside the scen
Website banner
Showroom folder
I designed a new small and handy pocket-folder
for Showroom at Peace & Love.
First time visitors

An other project that I got to manage by myself. My assignment was to make the information for first time visitors, easier and funnier to take in.

The files could be downloaded from their website and the cute illustrations also appeared on their Facebook page and on advertisement pillars.
Human Peace Symbol

Human Peace Symbol is a project Mattias Kraemer aka The Shaman is running, for example at the Peace & Love festival. The project is to gather people to create a human peace symbol, to spread peace among people.

I got the opportunity to work with him then and to create the logotype for the project. Also designing a poster and advertising.
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Other works
Poster for P&L cinema at the camp
Web icons and banners
Close up on the web icons,
painted in Photoshop.
Artwork to decorate the Shangri-La entry