this were the only trad artworks i left and i saved from different house transfers and our nanny's garbage collecting skills (if you know what i mean when they mess with your mess hehe)

sorry if some works are dirty. well the last typhoon's water splashed out in our studio/computer room/garage/storage. hehe enjoy! thanks for viewing!
Punk'd Bean(2011)
8x10 (mixed media oil paint + acrylic)

this was part of my first exhibit. an exhibit to celebrate the 90's generation where history came back to life by exhibiting different artworks that express what the 90's was all about.

 click the link for the exhibit ( http://www.yanadelacruz./2011/07/niche-501-back-to-the-90s/)
Caravaggio's St.Jerome writing.(2011)
15x20 oil paint

my personal idol when it comes to painting sir Caravaggio,with his chiaroscuro style.
this was a reproduction made for my Life Painting class when i was in 3rd year and this was my very first fully colored oil painting.
Against the Mainstream(2011)
3x1 - oil paint

this was part of our final plate in our 4th year composition class. a connecting plate but it was off hehe because we worked distant and not to manage to measure it properly hehe. the objective was to make a painting that can stand alone and can be a one. and our theme was changing our gender. the boys will be girls and vice versa.

here's the full set
Van Gogh's  Skull with Cigarette (2011)
15x20 - oil paint

this was from our 3rd year Life Painting Plate. the objective was reproducing a modern artwork so i decided to try Van Gogh's impressionistic style.
Killing me softly
8x10 A4 - watercolor on paper (2009)

one of my first commission for my friends first Anniversary <3
sulli of the girl kpop group f(x) circa 2009

HBV Ballpoint Pen on Canson Sketchpad 9x12
ballpoint pen on Canson Sketchpad 9x12 circa 2009