İzmir Resim Heykel Müzesi ve Galerisi (İzmir Art and Sculpture Museum and Gallery) is an art museum located in İzmir, Turkey. This project contains logo, corporate identity and mobile application for this Museum. 
İzmir Art and Sculpture Museum opened on September 9th, 1952 on İzmir Kültürpark as an art gallery. It turned to museum from gallery on 1973 with helps of manager of the museum and sculpterer Turgut Pura and moved to the location in this time.

Its architectures are Muhlis Türkmen and İnal Görel. The building of the museum was competition project and it won Building Success Award on 1988. Its building year is 1968. It is the only building that contains natural illumination system in Turkey.

The museum's collection belongs to Culturel and Tourism Ministry. It collected by buying and donating. It changes once or twice a year. The artwork of Şeker Ahmet Paşa, which name is Natürmort, stand always. The collection exhibited according to period of art history.
These statistcs taken from the Museum administration.
Mobile application.
​​​​​​​NAMU means "NArrator MUseum". It works with video-walking technic and it is an user-based mobile application that gives informations about artists and/or artworks to museum visitors according to their command by mobile device.

This video was taken on prototype of the museum.