Phoenix III - Reflection
By : Ahmed El Gezery
You are The entire universe on our planet .
"Peace on our souls"  By : Mohamed Monem​​​​​​​
No matter what war .no matter what destruction .
but at the end ,peace and goodness must reflect on our life
Aghape By : Mina Fathalla
"Love" is the worst word we use to express the distinct , various and sophisticated states of what we confusingly describe as love! Fortunately we had the luxury of getting clearer in this respect, Greek has more than seven words with different meanings that we call them all love. "Aghape" is an intriguing greek word for love. Philosophers and prophets had contributed to shaping its meaning. I've decided to dedicate the description of this design to appreciate the Christian view of Aghape as the unconditional , reasonable and deliberate act of caring about other/s good. Sorry for being too abstract, but it is something I encourage all of you to have your personal experience with. Sure if something is still unclear, do not hesitate to ask for clarification.
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The unforgettable dream by : Hazem Turky
Yes im 28,, but inside still that kid who believed one-day he can be a superhero.
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Reflection By : Ahmed Karam
By : Mahmoud Ali

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Oh Adam!! By : Abdo Hassan
Oh Adam what did you do?? It meant to be good!!
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Soon we'll be found
By : Abdelrahman Adel
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By : Eslam Fekry
By : Ramy Hazem
Have you ever had to talk to the person you love most? To tell them it's going to be all right, when you know that it's not?
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Reflection of a king By : Ahmed N.Fathallah
"From a paradise on earth to a war field, blood is running on streets and destruction everywhere, you may think i'm talking about a foreign invasion but it was just a spark of light through people that made a reflection of a devil, a reflection of a king! Tribute to Syria"
Undesirable II By : Mohamed H Fahmi
Without human companions, paradise ..itself would be an undesirable place.
Nostalgia - ​​​​​​​​​​​By : Ahmad Al Jazzar
"it's about winter nostalgia and memories"
“Goodbye, Mike.” By : Mahmoud Magdy
The realization hits Mike as the truth of what she’s doing sinks in. His eyes are filled with tears but there’s nothing he can do. Eleven turns back to face the monster and uses all of her strength and powers until the monster and her seem to obliterate into ash. Still, could Eleven have survived? Is she in The Upside Down protecting the town from more monsters? In the end, the Sheriff is found leaving Eggos for someone in a hidden spot.
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- Reflection - By : Ahmed Mostafa
- I feel good .. maybe ! But behind this an another painful story from my life.. i was watching it carefully every day ! This called reflection ! -
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Phoenix III - Reflection
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