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    This book tells the story of the urban renewal of Pretoria through 012. It shows the current space, its history, and its future. It is a timeline… Read More
    This book tells the story of the urban renewal of Pretoria through 012. It shows the current space, its history, and its future. It is a timeline of the spaces, the people who live work and play there, the art, the tenants, and the events of 012central. Read Less
Tshwane is the Jacaranda City, one of our nation’s capitals, and a student hub. This vibrant city has been well known and loved by many. The team at 012central has been working tirelessly to breathe a new mix life into its well-trodden streets by creating unique venues for the public and the creative industries. 012central, as its name implies, is the centre of the Tshwane area, and the centre of commerce, entertainment and creativity within Tshwane. This prime location was identified by City Property as the ideal spot in the inner city to come out and play.

In 2016, 012central commissioned Nicework to create a brochure like no other. This brochure was designed for the CEO
(and team) of City Property, Jeffery Wapnick, to share the story of the development of 012central. We were tasked with making a piece of communication that shared the vision of the project, celebrated the wins, shared the challenges and inspired people for what is to come.

Our first step was to map the development as it stands. We then expanded the map to encompass the vision for the next
15 years. The map was used to wrap the book and was sealed by a simple call to action of Come play.

The book itself is a single timeline playing out over a few narratives that make up the DNA of 012central. The spaces that make up the precinct, the people who live work and play there, the art that we have infused into the area, the investors that made it happen, the tenants who took the first step of moving into the precinct and finally the events that are getting a new mix of people into the spaces.

We took a different approach to featuring the people of 012. We interviewed nine people ranging from Sizwe Khumalo, a security guard who has been in the area for many years, through to Katlego Malatji, one of the first tenants of the precinct. Our Creative Director Ross Drakes even made a guest appearance to talk about the brand we developed for 012central. 

The talks and the art were mapped onto a simple walk you can download and follow through the precinct so you can read about the art, hear the stories of the people and get a taste of what the precinct has to offer while doing what we ultimately want - engaging with 012.

For more Nicework visit us at www.nicework.co.za