Game Dera
One of the first interactive music video in Brazil
A game with the innovative idea to promote the release of the single “Quem me Dera” by Banda Gentileza, made with old school pixel art graphics and exactly synced with the duration of the song.

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Creative director: Rodrigo Bellão, Bruno Mikoski
Art director: Rodrigo Bellão
Interface designer: Rodrigo Bellão, Felipe Mendes
Illustrator: Isaac Santos, Felipe Mendes
Animator: Felipe Mendes, Isaac Santos
Development director: Bruno Mikoski
Developer: Dennin Dalke, Gabriel Von Steinkirch, Robson Sewo
Sound designer: Tiago Zontag
Game designer: Luiz Henrique Monclar
Music: Banda Gentileza
Project Manager: Luciano Renan