Education | UI/UX solution for education system
Project prompt
Education is a great start for an education personnel or organization to start the online business. It can be used for a school, library, training center or even a private instructors, tutors…

Vision Statement
Good Market has put together the following vision for their new inline product:

UX Research and Design Process

Competitive Analysis
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Usability Competitive Analysis
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Information Architecture
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Product UI Requirements

I. Multi Courses
User Cases
Arrives to home page, Finds courses to buy.

A homepage as a start point for browsing and navigation through content, finding items to buy. Store department pages for browsing within particular section. Search results page to provide suitable set of items for user's searches.

Pages to design
Homepage. Search courses page. Search results page.

How the design could achieve these requirements

Features, actions and content that each page will contain

II. Kid schools
Update soon...

What did I do
with the pixel perfect

Education - Work in progress on the pixel of design by Leo Lion

I will update more very soon.
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Education – The Best Education Management System
Product by Ai Tran Quang UI/UX Designer & SWlabs team

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