The Drawn Word
Digital Magazine and Video Project
Seth Kushner and I had put several years into Graphic NYC and were gearing up for the book version, Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics, to come out. With GNYC, we'd changed the approach to comics journalism, elevating it to that of a mainstream, slick magazine like GQ or Vanity Fair. With The Drawn Word, it was time to experiment with digital distribution and take a different approach to comics magazine editing.

With a co-producer, I also created a series of short interviews with comics luminaries, looking for more of a late night TV approach than a fannish "geek culture" one.
This is the cover page to an article on cartoonist Jeffrey Brown, where I lined up his original thumbnails for the cover of Vader and Son with a portion of the final cover. From DW #2.
For DW #2's article on writer Mark Waid, I created these meme-type quote pages to break up the layout.
For my essay on Arne Bellstorf's graphic novel about Stu Sutcliffe of The Beatles' early days, I went for an old school approach.
To know Bill Sienkiewicz's work is to know texture and multi-media. To convey that throughout the piece, I took a detail from one of his painted comic book art pages.
This old comic book cover serves as the title page for "Cover Story," where writers would concoct a piece of short fiction based off of an old cover. LIke with the Bellstorf piece, I wanted to say "old and pulpy" with this. My template was an old copy of Dashiell Hammett's The Thin Man.
For my interview with Larry Hama, creator of G.I. Joe and actor, I broke it into two parts.