I was very excited to get invited to create micro content for Disney LOL app. I created original GIF meme character, MiMiS. They are comically unidimensional characters that can be mashed-up with various content to accentuate specific emotions and reactions.

Disney Creative Director: Vincent P. Aricco 
Creative Direction: Fuzzy Wobble and Sylvia Boomer Yang
Producers:David Krenz and Jaycen Armstrong
Art Direction & Illustration: Sylvia Boomer Yang
Animation: Sylvia Boomer Yang

Romance, kissing, and hand holding causes Mel's cheese to melt.
Curly appears calm and relaxed, but always gets scared by the action that unfolds in front of him.
Coco brings the buttery cool with him to every scene.
Sharon zaps her fail magic into every scene. 

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