Pillole di futuro is a storytelling platform that was created by Identity Atlas and Marketing Arena with the aim of giving room to people with a story to tell or an experience to share.

Pillole di futuro’s logos is the result of visual interpretation of spatial, temporal, and personal data. Each event is held in a particular location, identified by its coordinates: the longitude is indicated by the sky-blue arcs, while the latitude is shown by the blue arcs. Year, day and time  correspond to the green arcs. Pillole di Futuro features entrepreneurs, artists, dreamers, managers, athletes, cooks: whoever has a story that is worth sharing. Logo’s algorithm attributes a magnitude in degrees to each speaker, based on his or her name: the yellow arcs.

Each event becomes a book collecting thoughts and ideas from the speeches; the design of each book is based on the subject of the event.
“Lofarò” featured a 3d printed book cover since the event was about making; “Autogol” was published unfolded in two versions, both “right” and “wrong”, letting the reader decide how to bind them.


Pillole di futuro celebrates its fifth anniversary with a presentation kit designed according to the time capsule logic, featuring the story of the various episodes, the digital versions of the publications, some service presentations. All of this, of course, needs to be placed in the tube/capsule and opened only in the future.