Portraits  a verbal picture.

The Kankanaeys' domain includes Western Mountain Province, Northern Benguet, Southeastern Ilocos Sur. Like most Igorot ethnic groups, the Kankanaey built sloping terraces to maximize farm space in the rugged terrain of the Cordilleras. Kankaneys of Western Mountain Province from the municipalities of Sagada and Besao identify themselves as part of a tribe called Applai or Aplai. 
A lay minister watches a mass at Lenten season.
 He lived to tell the tale of the San Joaquin. A cultural heritage of  Iloilo.
  The 2012 Miss Universe of the Philippines, Miss Janine Tugonon.
a hollow, pumplike organ of blood circulation,composed mainly of rhythmically contractile smooth muscle,located in the chest between the lungs and slightly to theleft and consisting of four chambers: a right atrium thatreceives blood returning from the body via the superior andinferior vena cavae, a right ventricle that pumps the bloodthrough the pulmonary artery to the lungs for oxygenation, aleft atrium that receives the oxygenated blood via thepulmonary veins and passes it through the mitral valve, anda left ventricle that pumps the oxygenated blood, via theaorta, throughout the body.  
  A portrait of hard day's work.
 The Quadricentennial Rector Magnificus of the University of Santo Tomas, Rev. Father Rolando V. dela Rosa O.P.
  A death's portrait.
  tough times...
 what I've earned today? 
Child's play, Tayuman Philippines.
 Rob Caggiano, Death Angel
 thank you,