The Ads and the trailer are made for The North Face new release products called FUSEFORM, For this TVC we designed a series of typography which included the simplified and traditional Chinese, English, numbers etc…for the words sentence. During the ads, the subtitle will show up with the speed effect and animation. the other hand of font design will tend to be easily readable and with the exquisite details for making our customers understand the spirit of The North Face. The propriety FUSEFORM is a revolutionary weaving process that blends thicker and lighter weight, got a strong functional technique all in one. Therefore, one of our idea were inspired by the weaving techniques, which blends with the line stroke elements in this TVC.

THE NORTH FACE北面为新品FUSE FORM在2015年拍摄了一条广告片,我们为这个项目制作了一套字体,主要作为视频的字幕使用。这套字体包含了简体中文、繁体中文、英文、数字符号和一些文字组合。字幕的出场速度是较快的,并且附带了一些特效,
为了能让消费者能够快速读取视频中的信息,我们在字体的易读性上做了一些调整。FUSE FORM是一款多功能的冲锋衣,将透气、防水、防风等特殊的材质融为一体的编织技术是产品的卖点,所以我们也将字体加入了编织的元素。

client: The North Face
Art director: Wang2mu
Designer: Hefan Ting.C
Agency : W shanghai