Wunderman Day: Internal

200,000 employees, 3000 offices, 113 countries; the WPP Network is pretty vast, so as a tradition we all come as one on Wunderman Day, an event that celebrates and shares our diverse cultures.

One of the highlights of the event is showcasing the Wunderman videos; internal 90 seconders from all agencies that exhibit the culture & vibe of that particular agency.

Head offices brief - 'a day in the life of...' 
Our spin on the brief - 'a day in the life of (a brief) at Aqua'

We had one day to shoot so we pulled in a lot of favours, and ultimately our video won both funniest video and best actor award across the whole of the WPP network. 

A special thanks to Jaco, Tavonga, Alex, Dirk, Lewis & Mpho for helping us pull it off.
And a big thanks to everyone else that was involved. 
A day in the life (of a brief) at Aqua
The Brief