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Cooper Hewitt Media Campaign
Cooper Hewitt Media Campaign

These are videos designed for Cooper Hewitt Media Campaign. I try to highlight the poster featured in the Cooper Hewitt’s collection in a 10 seconds Instagram video. I select two posters from Ikko Tanaka as my material. My idea of these videos is from Ikko Tanaka's autobiography.
HANAE MORI - Ikko Tanaka 
In the Ikko Tanaka’s autobiography, he says that the inspiration of HANAE MORI came from Wassily Kandinsky’s painting. When I am creating the motion, I try to let the audience to experience the design process of this poster. So in my video, first you will see an image looks like Kandinsky’s painting. After the design process of dragging the point to adjust the outlines and zoom out. Finally, you can see the whole poster.
Nihon Buyo - Ikko Tanaka 
When Ikko Tanaka is designing the Nihon Buyo, first he creates a 3X4 grids system, then fills in with different shapes to create a geometry portrait of a traditional Japanese dancer. So in my video, I want to play with the grid system he creates and combines them with puzzle games. 
Cooper Hewitt Media Campaign