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This book is a compilation of works from the local author and cartunist Reinaldo Pedroso, which has worked during 40 years publishing cartoons and sarcastic texts by local newspapers. For this reason, the main concept of this book is this classic newspapers editorial style.
It was chosen Archer, a slab serif type, (i) because of its classical features and typewriter machine style, used by the author during his carrer; and (ii) because of its wide range of weights, enabling any kind of composition during the editorial project.
Besides, the chronics are arranged in two or more columns, like a tight newspaper
with lots of information. But in this book, there is a special breath, so the text can be comfortable to read.
And finally, there is one other element for creating this newspaper athmosphere, which is the double lines in the book cover, chapters start, and headers.
First half of 1012.
Project guided by teacher.