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    A spec project between Perspective Branding and the CSULB BFA graphic design program. In November, 2010, California was going to vote yes or no … Read More
    A spec project between Perspective Branding and the CSULB BFA graphic design program. In November, 2010, California was going to vote yes or no on a controversial new law. Proposition 19, was the Marijuana Legalization Initiative, also known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010. If Proposition 19 were to be approved, it would have legalized various marijuana related activities in California. Perspective Branding, an agency out of Oakland, California, thought this was the perfect opportunity to research the possible branding strategies for a product such as Cannabis. They reached out to the CSULB BFA graphic design program to see what we could come up with. We all knew, that this project would not be a typical branding exercise and could be somewhat difficult, due to the historic debate and social stigmas that existed. Credit: Clay Cooper, Carolyn Keene, Eric Perez and Julian Jones-Pittman Read Less
Our mission is to provide a specialty spa experience for our guests where nature and science meet to create a unique approach to relaxation through the use of natural cannabis. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and community through the common interest in overall wellness.
Internal Mantras: “me” time, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, mental well being stems from physical well being, and natural is healthy. Core Attributes: Natural, Sophisticated, Rejuvenating, Modern, Intrinsic (rooted in the past). Naming: Mythology, Nature, Meta-Physics, Element + Flora + Aura = Elora.
Elora Menu and Services – Facial: Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai Techniques with deep cleansing exfoliation and your choice of hydration mask. Body Massage: Our own signature deep tissue massage. Body Wrap: Elora Wrap infused hemp linen with choice of add-ons for personal preference. Bath Soak: Elora Bath Salts infused Himalayan salts with choice of add-ons for personal preference. Cannabis Strength Levels: Neutral, Light, and Deep. 
Additional Ingredients: Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Avocado, Ginger, Kelp, Lavender, Rosemary, Citrus, Marigold, and Mint. Space and Style: Light, Airy, Comfortable, Non-Traditional. An atmosphere of light and sound.
Elora Packaging – The primary product from Elora is our Ora sphere containing our signature blend. It is placed in a protective case until ready to be used. To apply: lift off the cap of the Ora Blend Dispenser and drop in the Ora sphere. Place the cap back on, puncturing a straw tube into the Ora sphere. Push in the circular button at the top of the cap to pump out the Ora product.

Our supporting products are intended for even further relaxation and wellness needs. For when taking bath, we have the Elora Bath Salts, which comes in three cannabis strength levels. Also available is our Elora Wrap, which also comes in a range of cannabis strength levels.

Seek Your Ora – It’s more than a tagline, It’s our brand motivation. We will use a primarily digital form of advertising to allow us to display a fluid logo that changes form randomly. Reflecting the unlimited combinations the user could create with our Ora Blends. With our advertisements we will drive people to our website to discover the Elora brand experience. Then learn about all the services and benefits our Cannabis Relaxation Spa could provide for them.

Our website is also intended for current or potential Elora customers who choose or cannot come to our actual location. The user can simply use our personal mixologist feature to create a custom blend that suits their own needs. Once an order is created, it will be sent to you.