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    T-shirt designs for Brazilian clothing brand, Vörr.

After completing the branding and packaging for Vörr, we were called to develop artworks for their t-shirt line. It took a little going back and forth to align client expectations and our view of where their line should go, but in the end the results were pretty awesome.

I · First batch

The Make Mistakes collection

Explorations with french bulldogs (brand symbol and mascot), error message codes and lots of monospaced type.


Coordinates to the city of Vöss, Norway
(which is the origin of the brand’s name)

Some alternative versions

(The Zero fucks t-shirt was actually printed with reversed colors and I’ve ehr... never realized until now, uploading these images side by side)

II · Vörr “Originals”

Update —— Now in kids sizes ;)

Full branding project

If you're in Brazil and want do buy their t-shirts, here's their website
(unfortunately they do not ship internationally).