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Raumindex - Branding

Room for new ideas

Raumindex creates integrated concepts for shops, that function as up to date solutions for businesses. So it makes perfect sense that Raumindex itself also shows a fresh new side with a new corporate design.

The team of Raumindex consists of young lateral thinkers who surprise with exciting concepts. 
A fact that wasn’t really visible in the company’s identity so far but should be changed with a positioning and a new design. Another goal was to sharpen the profile and to make Raumindex more tangible and more available. With a coherent appearance, that lives up to the company’s great work.


Customer: raumINDEX Consulting, Engineers GmbH
Brand consulting: Maria Krischner, Kirsten Ives
Project Management: Maria Krischner
Art Direction: Wolfgang Niederl
Graphic Design: Marie Pierer
Text: Andreas Leitner
Photography: Alex Krischner
Raumindex - Branding

Raumindex - Branding