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Sierra Passage Coffee Company - Branding

Sierra Passage Coffee Company

A Coffee Love Affair
I've always had a love affair with coffee, and I've always admired the creative and eye-catching branding and package design that many companies employ to set the products apart. Coffee is often an immensely personal preference, with the vast majority of consumers gravitating towards massive global corporations. In the past decade or so the number of small privately owned roasters has exploded, especially in the Seattle area. Many of these companies take immense pride in their brand and in their front-facing identity and use high quality packaging materials and spend the resources necessary to firmly position their brand in the market.

My goal with this project was to plan, blueprint, and develop a brand identity and style guide from the ground up, including a striking color scheme, logo, typographic implements, and brand cohesion.

Sierra Passage Coffee Company is a fictitious brand named after the 1950 film Sierra Passage. The premise of this film is centered around typical Western-era plot themes and archetypes, with the main character seeking revenge on the killers of his family. The development of the Sierra Passage brand is centered around a rustic, vintage-themed brand that speaks volumes to the region in which it's located (Silver Springs, NV) which is located in the foothills of the Sierra Mountain Range that runs the length of the border between California and Nevada.

While is was solely a personal development project, I feel like the work that I've put into this brand would make it incredibly easy to deploy as a real company. I developed my knowledge of packaging design, and was able to formulate a story behind a fictitious brand that could become reality with the right high-quality coffee roaster.

Further Steps
I'm currently in the process of developing a modern website to accompany the work that I've done from a visual brand perspective. Stay tuned!
Thanks for checking out my project! You can view my other work in my Behance portfolio, or on my website.
Sierra Passage Coffee Company - Branding

Sierra Passage Coffee Company - Branding

Branding for a fictitious coffee company located in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Based off of the movie Sierra Passage (1950).