Dancing Script Typeface

The dancing script font is a dynamic unofficial writing where the letters bounce and to some extent change the size. The uppercase letters are large and go below the reference line/baseline.  It is one of the widespread fonts that was devised in 195o’s by Pablo Impallari. The dancing script font was used by Murray Hill in 1956 while he carried out weight distribution and Mistral in 1953 in his lively bouncing effect. The font is lively, and its varying letter sizes gives it a nice-looking casual look and looks more like a “handwriting.”
Bernardo Moda Contrast font

Bernardo Moda Contrast font is an excellent and stylish font that is classy and clean. The font is a combination of the old and the modern styles. Bernardo Moda font family is a decorative sans-serif font developed by created by Peter Wiegel who is a German designer in 2013. The font comprises of four styles namely; Moda Moda, ModaSemibold, ModaBold, and ModaContrast. The letters have conventional contrast strokes and arms. The uppercase letters have straight legs while lowercase letters are curvaceous. Its letters have pointed apexes, vertexes, and rounded shoulders.​​​​​​​