Business Card for Freelance Web Design
Photoshop mock-up of the business card as if it were printed out.
This project was to design a card as though I were starting business as a freelance web designer. This business card is intended to communicate what I do and how to contact me so I can secure work. The card is intended to convey the feel of a web site, with a side bar carrying the title. The coding elements are intended to convey the fact that I can program as well as design. The contact information field is designed to mimic the structure of the body of a web page, while quickly conveying how to contact me.     
Card as it appears in Adobe Illustrator.
Other project requirements were to design a custom logo using my initials, use three colors plus black, and design the card primarily with typographical elements. I used Baskerville MT Pro for the logo and name, and Akko Rounded Std for the title and contact information. I carefully aligned and sized the fonts to create the impression of a web site while still being easily legible.