The Eco housing project was done for my second year of study. I had the opportunity to choose between several sites available for construction, and decided to pick the suburbs of Belgrade for this project and develop a sustainable building that is separated into two units. These two units were later articulated as the housing unit and the energy unit which represents the very core engine of the whole building.
The energy unit is intelligent and self-sustainable functional unit, separately composed and designed, even though it represents a physically inseparable entity of the housing building. The unit operates on the basis of the principle of two natural energy sources. The first one is the Sun with its rays prevailing on the south and west part, where the solar blocks and panels are oriented. This kind of energy is mostly used during summer and spring time, when the daily exposure to Sun and power of Sun rays reach the maximum. The second source of energy is wind, i.e. Košava. The wind is practically vacuumed by the turbines, located in the east and west facade of the building. Both types of the energy allow starting up of turbines, thus producing the electricity used as a consumption of the collective energy.
TYPE: University work
DESIGN: Vuk Djordjevic