Rose Coffee
Gourmet coffee packaging
The challenge was to create and design an attractive package for a gourmet tea or coffee product. The package had to be aesthetically pleasing, whilst also protecting the contents from contamination.
The shape of the package and accompanying graphics and embellishments must maximise visual impact to differentiate the product from its competitors.
It is important that the design of the package is suitable to the target audience and has strong visual impact in a competitive environment.

Australiais a nation of coffee drinkers, according to an analysis that showsan expanding “café culture”. In other words, there is a clearmarked for a product like “Rose Coffee” in Australia.
Notonly is it a product thats looks exclusive, but it also reflects goodquality. “Today, coffee drinking has become such an integralpart of the Australian lifestyle that it has led to the explosion ofmany specialised coffee shops further fuelling the growth of thecoffee sector.”
The name “Rose Coffee” comes from the alternative and organic way of fertilising roses, where coffee grounds are mixed with other “green” kitchen waste. Words that are oftenly associated with the term “Gourmet” are exclusive, classic and beautiful. These are all key words I've chosen to use as focus points for the “Rose Coffee” design.
Thedie cut makes the box stand out compared to other products that youwould see in a coffee shop The bag within the box protects the beansas well as having its own design. The abstract rose used both as adie cut and as a pattern ties the whole product together.

Thelogo has the comfortable, stabile and classic shape of a circle. Theinner pearl line emphasises the feel of exclusivity.
Whenit comes to the colours, black represent sophistication, formalityand elegance. White represent simplicity, while gold symboliseswealth and good health. Using the gold varnish as a detail makes the“Rose Coffee” look exclusive and elegant.
Ifeel that its overall an exclusive, classic and timeless design withdie cutting and varnishing that could stand out from the crowd ofother coffee packaging.

Hope you enjoy!