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    SQUARE ONE POSTERS - Coffee is a multicultural affair — one that can momentarily transport you into a different time and space. Each country poss… Read More
    SQUARE ONE POSTERS - Coffee is a multicultural affair — one that can momentarily transport you into a different time and space. Each country possesses an energy and story unique to its own people and place. Square One’s passion for creating excellent coffee is matched by a thorough understanding of practice and process. These posters aim to draw upon the character and colour of each region, whilst reflecting the procedure and knowledge Square One holds integral to its business. BOLIVIA – Bolivia is a developing nation whose artefacts are unique and lovingly hand-made from scratch. Square One coffee is processed by human touch, lending itself to a crafted approach. Bolivia’s people adorn themselves with alpaca woven coats and eat hand-kneaded bread. Their preferred method of craftsmanship is by hand, to create quality yet unique products. Square One coffee remains no different to this. BRAZIL – Brazil is a vibrant and energetic country, with its colourful celebrations and festivals. This poster is inspired by the dynamic rhythms of Samba music and the movement of skirts at the carnivale. Like Square One’s enthuasiasm and passion for producing the best coffee beans, this poster draws on Brazil’s celebratory party vibe and their larger than life atmosphere. COLOMBIA – Inspired by the designs of their original settlers, Colombian art is intricate and detailed. This poster uses the word Colombia to create a delicate yet bold pattern, reminiscent of Aztec and Inca designs. The detailed patterning aligns with Square One’s vision; that attention to detail and technique are the secret to creating great coffee for people to enjoy. EL SALVADOR – El Salvador is a spirited and sun kissed country, with bold geometric patterns. Their patterns are weaved, in a tapestry of horizontal stripes and vibrant colour. Inspired by Square One’s hessian coffee packaging, the woven effect is reflected in the typography treatment. This doubles as a unique geometric pattern. The blue and white gradient not only reflects El Salvador’s flag, but also the fluid motion of water, integral to Square One’s process. ETHIOPIA – Ethiopian tribes are distinctive for their unique body paintings, decorative piercings and layered necklaces. Using repetition and rounded shapes, the letterforms themselves become an Ethiopian-inspired pattern, just like the ones that adorn tribe members. The systematic approach to crafting these patterns reflects Square One’s considered and methodical approach to crafting great coffee. GUATEMALA – Guatemala is a place of natural beauty, with stunning beaches, vast rainforests and steep volcanos. In the same way, Square One aims to capture the authentic taste of coffee, this poster seeks to capture the natural beauty of the Guatemalan landscape. Using typography to create the effect and texture of water ripples, this poster reflects upon the importance of nature to the Square One process. HONDURAS – Honduras is an agricultural country, with corn, sugar and gold as key industries. However, coffee is Honduras’ most important export, providing the most revenue for sustainability. This poster uses intricate patterning to represent the beans and grains farmed by the Honduran people, whilst the bold letterforms reflect their strength. For the Honduran people, coffee is their most important and valuable resource. For the people of Square One, this value and importance is the same. ¬¬KENYA – Kenya is a lively and vibrant country, where people use the arts to express their culture. Using paper that has been torn apart and recollaged, this poster reflects the way in which Kenyan crafts are often created from found objects and materials. Kenyan culture blends their unique traditions with modern influences from the West. Square One’s practice also blends tradition with modernity, combining their established knowledge of coffee with a contemporary approach. RWANDA – This poster draws upon the physique of Rwanda’s people and their tradition of energetic dancing. The ‘Dance of Itore’ is a victory dance where dancers move fluidly side to side, high to low—combining grace and complexity with raw aggression. This movement reflects the way coffee is brewed, and that coffee is the beverage of choice enjoyed before the chaos of everyday life. Read Less