Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso

PRUDENTE - SP: a proposal for public areas with deviations of purpose
The accelerated process of Brazilian urbanization has brought consequences for the
housing issue in the country, triggering a process of social exclusion in space as well
as irregular occupations in public and private areas. In Presidente Prudente-SP, the
production of social housing reinforces segregation, inserting low-income
subdivisions in the urban fringe of the city. The right to the city is also denied, when
public leisure and institutional areas suffer deviations of purpose, such as some
found in that city. In this sense, this Course Completion Work seeks to contribute to
the analysis of the production of social housing and the ratification of the implantation
of public areas through the historical contextualization of the themes and the project
of implantation of a housing and multifunctional complex in the eastern region of City.
The methodology used is based on bibliographic, documentary and field surveys.

Keywords: social housing, public areas, Presidente Prudente - SP, master plan,
Estatuto da Cidade