Make it cheap, but expensive...
Golden and stylish, you know.
"Good design comes from constraints" - or so they say.

Two construction companies wanted to present their trade to Turkmenistan officials. I got a simple request for this publication. They wanted something golden, and something that has Turkmenistan look to it.

I had only one day to design this, and here is a genesis of the cover for the publication:

I did a research about Turkmenistan's "visual identity" and I found out that their flag contains original carpet (kelim) patterns.
Next I collected different kelim patterns (I made sure they were from Turkmenistan, and not any other country in their neighborhood).
Tracing the kelim pattern created this first draft that was further refined and - yes, I added gold.

The finished design for the cover. I am proud that the printed version of the catalog ended up in the hands of Turkmenistan minister of foreign affairs!