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    Revitalisating Christchurch, NZ. 2011
Revitalising Christchurch - Epiphytic Performing Arts Centre
TheEpiphytic Performing Arts Centre is not a centre, but is dispersedacross the Christchurch CBD. The project aims to create a sense ofregeneration in the city centre by scattering events across the city,thus reducing the number of people leaving Christchurch. Maintainingthe population is important for the revitalisation of Christchurch,and so was rebuilding the local community.

Inorder for the project to succeed it has be constructed quickly. Toachieve this buildings that were disowneddue to damage from the earthquake were chosen as sites. In doing so making use of existing structure and being able to preserve somebuildings in the CBD that the residents felt were important heritage.

Theproposal was a temporary and reusable system. Geometry was tested to find the most adaptableform that could be produced of a single type of metal plate to be made from scrapped metal. Thesystem was designed to become a visual identifier expressing themovement and forms of performing arts, whilst also replacing theinfrastructure of damaged buildings. The structure was also designedto be stored as public amenities in the large amount of park spaces, accessible for future incidents.

tutors: Stuart Harrison & Antony Martin

Sketches and Process