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    Pictures of the Behance team shot during a retreat in Vermont in 2012.
The Behance team in Vermont.
Jocelyn K. Glei and Mell Ravenel.
Alex Lee, Malcolm Jones, Jenn Godbout, Raewyn Brandon, Alex Krug, Matias Corea and Jocelyn.
Jackie Balzer, Nami Berglund and Bryan Latten.
Bryan and Daniel Chan.
 Matt LeBrun, Chris Henry, Zach McCullough, Jocelyn, Clement Faydi, Nami, Raewyn, Nina Paige, Scott Belsky and Alex.
John Refano, Clement, Matt and Chris.
 Scott, Alex and Matias.
Nina, Alison Thornsberry, Alex, Ko Uchiyama and Matt.
Malcolm, John and Nina.
 Nina, Florian, Dave Stein, Mell and Will Allen.
 Nina, Mell, Alex and Bryan.
Jessica Lissy, Dan, Florian, Matt and Nami.
Jackie, Nina, Mell, Alison, Dmitry Traytel, Jenn, John and Chris.
Matias, Alex Krug, Bryan and Alex Lee.
All of us, including Sarah Rapp that was missing.