Garden Reconstruction

Some examples of my work as an urban landscape architect, NYC, 2008-2011.
I helped design and build this shady moss environment for Jungle Design Inc's outdoor showroom, in Williamsburg Brooklyn. 2009
Beginning of garden reconstruction project for a client--original plot.  My assignment was to transform the space into an edible garden / after work resting / grilling space, and include a playground for a dog. Jungle Design Inc., Brooklyn, 2009.
Custom reconstruction in progress, Stage 2--helping client visualize the options based on their original vision of the space.
Version one: with three-tier vegetable garden, flowering thyme groundcover, boston ivy and wild fig vines, bamboo privacy hedge (front wall), and dog playground.
Version two, with flowering cherry tree.
Alternate view, original.
Alternate view, proposed design.
Planning of a container deck garden--stage 1.  How to take a boring celebrity roof deck, and make it funky.  Brooklyn, 2009.
Stage two--adding containers.
Stage three--adding plants.
The finished proposal, with specific plant varieties recommended.
Installing a drip irrigation system for a terrace container garden which I helped develop and plan for a private client. Brooklyn, April 2011.
Splicing rubber piping.
Installing a daily timer, filter, and pressure moderator.
A hidden drip irrigation design that's virtually invisible from the front.
Drip irrigation for a tree.