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Thank God It's Friday art exhibition
About the Exhibition
TGIF!, an art exhibition co-curated by local Hong Kong artists Ronan Leung and Emily Eldridge, which features their artwork alongside that of fellow Hong Kong-based creatives Catherine Grossrieder, Emilie Sarnel, and Jimmy Ming Shum. TGIF! is encouraging us to taste art in our busy life.

Design Concept
God will not guide you word by word. He only gives a sign to us, and guides us to have a wonder life. The concept of TGIF! visual identity is to use a God’s book as main visual element. Inside this book, there are some illegible alphabets which like a symbols rather than a readable letter. You can use your imagination to “read” this typeface. Just likes God’s sign that never gives us a message with clear word and sentence. God only hopes us to grasp his message. And now you can enjoy the exhibition and get a “sign” or idea from this TGIF!

Art Direction
This design bases on the very first design elements to develop a set of visual identity. The concept and design are brought up from Ronan Leung and not available.
The tailor made font type / symbol is based on the font - Agitprop to develop a set of alphabets.