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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRAND ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The brief asked for the creation of an identity for the brand new Angolan city of VilaRubra. A city near Luanda, that represents a new, better life for thousand of Angolans - A city imagined and created from scratch. Creative Solution: We created an identity inspired in the flowers of the Acacia Rubra, a native tree, from which the city’s name has already derived. The result was a simplified flower, stylized in little dots, that represent the city’s neighbourhoods from a sky view. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRESENTATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Development of a presentation tool for the new Angolan city VilaRubra inauguration. Creative Solution: Starting from the “a new life” idea we based our concept on the: plant a tree, write a book, have a child. The 3 things every human been should do in life. Bearing this in mind we “wrote a book”. It starts with “once upon a time…” and it goes on telling the story of this new Angolan “girl”. The book is then packed with a little bag of tree (acácia rubra) seeds for planting. And the new city represents the perfect place to start a family. Read Less