ABANDONED BUSES (France). Forgotten buses in the backside of a unused garage. Though the buses inhere are not that old the plastic coverage gave it an classic look and feel. In 2014 the buses were taken away and placed in another more protective location. This was not the location to change lenses, we came out covered with layers of white dust. The inside of the buses were really dusty, don't touch anything or traces will be left behind!

Chrystal company Val Saint Lambert (Belgium). The crystal of the VSL is world famous for its purity and exceptional brilliance. The depression of the 1930's changed everything for the company, it never found its old glory back. In the fall of 2008 the court of commerce declared the bankruptcy of the company. The old authentic part is cleaned and emptied from all working tools, molds library and handmade blueprints. Only the museum is still showing the old craftsmanships.
LES FORGES DE CLABECQ (Belgium)A 100-year-old family steel firm with more then 6000 workers in its haydays. Forges de Clabecq had its own markets and specific steel products. In 1992 a strike broke out due to horrible work circumstances and the much cheaper production of steel in Azia made that bankruptcy was declared at the beginning of 1997. Around 2008 demolition works broke down the 80 ha. large location, only some buildings and the water tower are protected.

RUSSIAN MN-26T HELICOPTERS (Belgium). The MN-26T was designed as a heavy-lift helicopter intended for military and civil use such as extinguishing fires. The helicopters are a mega 34 meter long 6 meter wide and 7 meter high. The MN-26T was the first helicopter equipped from the factory with an eight-blade rotor. It is capable of single-engine flight in the event of loss of power by one engine (depending on aircraft mission weight) because of an engine load sharing system. These helicopters are not allowed to fly in Europe because of it's large size. For some years they are standing on a special transport company terrain in a harbour.
CATHEDRAL DE VINO (Spain). On the outskirts of a small city lies a hidden concrete cathedral of wine. The exterior is plastered with graffiti, but the interior is very serene and beautiful. Besides the sounds of the nearby city, only some pigeons were audible. Listed as an architectural heritage site, this beautiful factory deserves to be preserved within the scenic and rolling hills of Spain. I revisited this fascinating factory in 2013. Skaters had created jump boards into the white, serene cathedral-like buildings. Sadly enough, graffiti had also appeared on the walls and windows were blocked by concrete blocks to keep unwanted visitors out.
MAISON HEINEN (Luxembourg)Little is known about the history behind Maison Heinen. So it's very difficult to say how long this building is abandoned, but inside there are several documents from the 1930's. The soul of this abandoned maison is still there, though she's disappearing quickly. The former owners were millers or farmers, they have left details which assume they were religious.
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