TAG Heuer Online Banner Campaign:

A unique and interesting aspect of the TAG Heuer online campaign is the interactive nature of the banner ads themselves. The rich media buy includes both an animated "parent" or leaderboard and a corresponding "child" banner, at first seeming to blend in with the editorial content of the site page. The story begins on the leader board, and dramatically interrupts the child banner, setting up the question "What Are You Made Of?" Clicking on either of the two banner ads leads you to an animated landing page that continues the story and begins to answer the question in the voice of the featured brand ambassador. Also on display is the ambassador's TAG Heuer watch reflecting the actual time (tied into the computer's time/date feature). You can then click on a link within the global website to find an authorized dealer near you.

The launch is timed for the holiday selling season with more than 26 million impressions planned for November and December on Web sites such as NYTimes, Yahoo!, PGA, InStyle, CNNMoney and Style.com.