Various Photo-Shoot/Art Direction
Over the course of my career I've had many opportunities to coordinate and direct a variety of photo shoots. From the idea phase to scheduling, from directing on-site to doing my own post-production work, I've been able to refine the process and get the most out a shot whether it's for web or print.
The Carbon49 comes alive in NYC
This was a campaign for a new MIDI controller, the Carbon49. The idea was to emphasize portability and ease of use (this was the smaller, more economical of the product line) by taking to the streets of Manhattan and finding street performers to dazzle pedestrians with minimal setup. I approached a young cellist named Gabriel in the subway and we shot photos and video right then and there.
Test shot with Gabriel as he was when my team first spotted him.
Final edit of the shot I chose to use on the company website.
A fresh look at an old customer
Famed bassist Stu Hamm was a long-time, loyal endorsee. Unfortunately, we hadn't many shots of him using his Hartke rig on file. Just one or two older photos that had lived long past their prime on a site that had just recently been remodeled. So I brought Stu in and we worked on getting him a stronger presence on our site.
The prototype dilemma
The boss wants a "hero shot" of the new handheld recorder. Front and back, because, obviously, the front is so pretty and the back is where all the controls are. Problem is, we only got delivered one prototype to shoot. It's a problem that, by now, I've seen a few times before and thankfully with a detail-oriented photographer to collaborate with and some sharp Photoshop skills, I was able to pull it off.