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Studio Geek Stitch was a way I found to express my "creative hyperactivity" (and my hopelessly nerdy side),
in pieces made by nerds for nerds, with drops of Art History and Pop Culture!

▪ Campbell´s Popeye ▪

In 1937, spinach capital Crystal City, Texas, erected a statue to honor Elzie Crisler Segar - American cartoonist best known as the creator 
of Popeye - for their positive influence on America’s eating habits, making our favorite sailor man the first cartoon character ever immortalized in 
public sculpture. Fact is: at the top of his fame, the consumption of the vegetable increased by 33% in the United States, which pretty much saved the 
American spinach industry during the great depression. This particular #NerdyFact influenced our first original crossover between art and pop culture

"-Why is this art? 
-The idea here is: by putting this in the museum your telling "look at this in a different way" 
(I remember hearing this sentence in an art history class about the pop art movement) 

Do you know that Popeye was one of the subjects of several of Warhol's first pop experiments, as are Superman and Batman?! 
And these experiments were a turning point in his prolific career? Fact is: Saturday's Popeye, among other five paintings including Superman, 
were barely noticed in his first exhibition on Fifth Avenue window display, New York, in April 1961! Years later, in 1983, the same painting was sold 
for more than a million dollars!!! 

With more than 4000 cross stitches (yes, I had the same reaction), @StudioGeekStitch #CampbellsPopeye

▪ Pattern ▪

▪ Vitruvian Trooper ▪

Worst shotters of the galaxy (sorry Obi-Wan!), completely clumsy and manipulated, and protagonists of one of the most paused scenes in film history. 
My dear Stormtroopers , definitely one of the most iconic characters from a galaxy far, far away, has flaws that go faaar beyond the film saga. Well, at 
least the classic Troopers. According to the industrial designer responsible for manufacturing the first fifty helmets, the design of The Empire's elite troop are 
not as refined as it looks: "This was before computers and that's probably why it is so organic (...) This is completely assymetrical! That side is bigger than that 
side (...) I think Lucas (George Lucas) has one that is all squared up and made nice it looks terrible (laughs)" - Andrew Ainsworth, Shepperton Design Studios. 
Our next #NerdyFact will drive defenders of the Fibonacci sequence nuts, and also designers who developed T.O.C with the profession

Genius and prankster, and for us the precursor of #eastereggs , Leonardo da Vinci is widely known for keeping secrets and 
messages behind his work. In his sketch study titled Vitruvian Man, besides cheat the use of ratios to reflect the fibonacci sequence 
(extra read: Geometrical construction of the Vitruvian Man), da Vinci uses asymmetry to reveal that perhaps there are really two men in this work. 
This duality can be seen more clearly when you mirror individually both sides of his face, forming two completely different faces! 
Duality that is also seen in the picture Monalisa.

With 2917 cross stitches, and some asymmetry, @StudioGeekStitch #VitruvianTrooper

▪ Pattern ▪

▪ Minions Underground ▪

Discord seems to be a constant around the two study objects of our last crossover. Love it or hate it, both left lasting legacies on the way the world
saw/see/and will see bananas forever! Our first banana of discord change the history of animated films: the second highest-grossing animated movie of all time. Pierre Coffin, creator and voice of these adorable little creatures, has revealed on interviews that the character design may have been influenced by the contemptible Jawas from Star Wars and even Oompa Loompas from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. But it is undeniable the similarity between this gibbering yellow cylinders and their own object of obsession. #NerdyFact: have you noticed that Gru know the name of each monochrome henchman of his army of followers, even though there were hundred? The design of Minions was also revisited in order to make the supervillain mastermind Felonius Gru more friendly and charming

Let me hear you say this shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! 
Our second banana of discord changed the history of rock. Patterns, prints, acessories... Definitely you already bumped into some reproduction of the icon 
created by the genius Andy Warhol for the self-titled album of the band The Velvet Underground And Nico. What you might not know, as controversial as 
the suggestion to "peel slowly" the cover icon, was the decision of the remaining members of Velvet to move a lawsuit against The Andy Warhol Foundation 
for the misuse of the "banana" - 45 years after the album's release. 

With 1687 cross stitches, @StudioGeekStitch #MinionsUnderground

▪ Pattern ▪

▪ Stop Motion ▪

▪ Le Chat Grincheux ▪

In 1881, while many people associated the black cat with maleficence and obscurity, a group of free spirits chose it as a symbol of their creative rebelliousness. 
Le Chat Noir, french cabaret which inspires the homonymous poster of Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen - fundamental reference of this #pattern-, was the favorite place of writers, poets, artists and musicians of the postimpressionism period: from Georges Seurat* to Toulouse Lautrec, one of my favorite artists of all time. 
Rodolphe Salis, creator and owner of the nest, found a black cat while renovating the site, before inauguration. The cat mysterious grin was the perfect emblem for the wild, fun, loud and rude cabaret nightlife. In other words, it was very French. Till today, reproductions of the poster are found at almost every souvenir shop in Paris as much, or even more, as miniatures of The Eiffel Tower. #NerdyFact: whose work appear in one of the most iconic scenes of movie history, at least of #80stees classics that every nerd should watch. Google!

The free spirits of this generation chose another type of cat as their symbol of impatient and sarcasm. But the expression of this kitten is far from being a mystery... 
It's more like a purely biological condition! The Grumpy Cat, and let's emphasis "the" as a feminine article, has dwarfism - a condition that gives her that unique grumpy look which made the whole internet love her. Contrary to what her real name may also suggest, Tardar Sauce is the opposite of what made her a internet phenomenon. Her owner, Tabatha Bundesen, says the kitten is adorable, very calm, but can also be very playful - she loves to hide behind the curtains of the house. #NerdyFact: #GrumpyCat attracted a legion of fans at the South by Southwest* festival in 2013, featuring some celebrities and influencers like Ian Somerhalder, Neil Gailman, and even environmental activist Al Gore, who lined up to meet the grumpy little kitten. Also, let's not forget her epic encounter with Stan f#cking Lee at Comikaze Expo of 2015, where comic book genius even risked reproduce the bored expression, even recording on his personal #Instagram.

With 2020 cross stitches, @studiogeekstitch #LeChatGrincheux 

*Set of conferences and festivals celebrating the convergence of technology, film and music industries, which takes place in the city of Austin, Texas, during the spring.

▪ Pattern ▪

▪ Stop Motion ▪

(and thanks for watching!)

Studio Geek Stitch | Entre nerdices e agulhas

Studio Geek Stitch | Entre nerdices e agulhas


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