It's All About Passwords
"It's All About Passwords" - Infographic Animation
The cyber world holds your most precious secrets: YOUR PASSWORDS! 
We all have our own and think 'no one could ever guess them,' but how safe is yours?? 
The average password is 8 characters long and can be brute-force hacked in seconds!

Project Timeline
Research -- Sketch -- Animate -- Refine

Some highlights of the research I found were:

When you use all the different types of characters available (approximately 90 characters in all) in a password only 8 characters long, you expand the pool of possible combinations to 4 million billion. (source: some 'mathematician' from Yale)
I found this interesting because I had no idea what a 'million billion' looked like as a number.  I tried looking up what million billion meant but there seemed to be a debate.

The 10 most common passwords in 2016 were:                                                          
12345678                                                                  I was surprised that unoriginal and hackmepls didn't make
qwerty                                                                         the list. Seriously? Like that many people actually like baseball??
12345                                                                            Talk about mind blown...

Passwords are easily hacked because most humans follow similar patterns:
50% chance that a password has at least one vowel.         
                    Well duhh... my password is a "word," of course it's gonna have a vowel!
Numbers that are used in passwords are usually the numbers ‘1’ or ‘2’ and are placed at the end of the password.         
                    Yeah cuz it's the first one I'm making!
Capital letters are usually at the beginning and are followed by a vowel.
                    Uhh wait a minute... maybe I shoul...
Women use personal names for passwords frequently.
                    sh-should PROBABLY CHANGE
Men use their hobbies for passwords frequently.
                    MY PASSWORDS NOW!!!1!
Most common symbols used are —~@#$%&?
                    F#&K Y~#!

Research -- Sketch -- Animate -- Refine

When sketching I like to just touch on basic ideas and concepts to get a general style down, so that I have potential to experiment different ideas later.
Intro / Title: The intro can make or break if someone stays on your video, so you gotta make it memorable. I started by coming up with a basic action and element related to passwords, like someone typing into a online form and seeing the dots protect you. So I began exploring ideas around that concept.
Displaying Information: I brainstormed and researched different ways of displaying researched content, especially on ways to visualize stats and massive numbers like 50 trillion! 
Research -- Sketch -- Animate -- Refine

Now was the time for asset creation and figuring out the timing of certain scenes. Since the project guidelines for this were to be around only minute, I had to plan what statistics and research that I found would not only be most beneficial, but also what would could be said quickly!

At this point I chose the song since I decided I didn't want narration for it (which I regret), but I decided on a nice jazzy song because I wanted a relaxed mood and nothing too in your face.

Research -- Sketch -- Animate -- Refine

After animating for days and some hours, I got to the final 24 hrs before it was due and tweaked every corner I could! 
I still see many things I can change and enhance, and I already want to remake this because it was such a fun project and I know I can make an even better one, but I am happy with how it came out at the deadline! Hope you like it!

It's All About Passwords

It's All About Passwords

A quick hitting infographic animation about passwords!
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