A Collaborative Work

This project is a mixed media animation project incorporating 2D painting, collage, experimental, and 3D techniques. The experimentation of using the tool of human visual and auditory reception in addressing the issue of transhumanism, the animation is taking the audience into the journey of a transhumanistic future experience, bringing in the images and unspoken words of the future and to the extent of merging the space and time context of this human made evolution, bridging the experience of the present world and unreached future in a short yet strong audio-visuals experience.

Placebo is a collaborative project between animation artist at Lasalle, College of the Arts in Singapore.
Self made CD cover for Placebo
Placebo CD cover front
Placebo CD cover back

Michael Arifin (animation artist)
Alan Leong (animation artist)
Dhruv Vyas (animation artist)