SATA 65th anniversary commemorative seal design
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    SATA 65th anniversary commemorative seal design
SATA CommHealth Commemorative Seal
Seal design competition (Awarded First Prize)
Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association (SATA) is now SATA CommHealth. Over the years since its inception in the 1940s, SATA CommHealth has evolved to offer a wider range of healthcare services besides TB-related care.

Today, SATA CommHealth runs four full-fledged medical centres, providing health screening, general practitioner and specialist services as well as diagnostic imaging services. Proceeds are then channeled into community work where we provide healthcare assistance to the needy. To celebrate its 65th anniversary, SATA will be giving out a commemorative seal.

I’ve used a contemporary approach to design the cover that creates a fresh and fun look to attract the youths of today. It has a vintage look to show that SATA has been around for a long time and still standing strong till today.
First box on the left, reflects the core value “care”. Second box shows doctors-on-wheels, third box represents Community health education and the last box reflects the teamwork that SATA has to create excellence.