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    Understanding the Tepak Sirih
In the face of globalisation, a fast expanding economic growth and rapid urban development
facing an increasingly media-savvy society, many aspects of our culture, from language, customs to stories and crafts, have undergone tremendous change and modifications. There is a need to design for cultural preservation. The objective of this project is to bring the focus to Tepak Sirih which often regarded as an insignificant object and is a dying tradition in Malay weddings.

Tepak Sirih is basically metal containers that stores the ingredient for "makan sirih" or chewing betel. A book was created for the audience to better understand Tepak Sirih and its ingredients. All of the answers, starting from the origin to the purpose of each tool all the way to its effects on health, can be found in this book.

Metallic paper was used to give the Tepak Sirih feel to it.