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    Understanding the Tepak Sirih
Understanding the Tepak Sirih //Time Capsule
Malay Wedding
The objective of this project is to bring the focus to Tepak Sirih which often regarded as an insignificant object and is a dying tradition in Malay weddings. Time capsule is a way to preserving and protecting our heritage treasures.

What is time capsule? A time capsule is a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians. Time capsules are placed on purpose and are usually intended to be opened or accessed at a particular future date.

In my time capsule, a book is wrapped using a golden "songket" (a fabric that is hand-woven in silk or cotton, and intricately patterned with gold or silver threads). Songket is a luxury product traditionally worn during ceremonial occasions. The book is created to create awareness and inform the audience of the symbolic meaning of tepak sirih and its ingredients. It also explains how and when it is used in a Malay wedding. Along with the book, there will be checklists on how to prepare a complete tepak sirih for a Malay wedding. Three Malay shirt buttons, which are used on a traditional Malay costume, are also included in the time capsule as well.