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    an electric SUV, summited on the Michelin Design Challenge 2013
Exploder II
Electric SUV, Two Doors, Four Passengers Thermoplastic Composite Material Body

The design concept:

The car responds to the necessity of been ecological without sacrifice the drive experience or the joy to drive. The EXPLODER II is a SUV for people who want to drive just for fun in every single terrain.

The car body is made of Thermoplastic Composite Materials. These new material are tougher, lighter, stiffer, and have an infinite shelf life, can be recycled and perform better during collisions, they are suited to a highly demanding environment.

It is easy to build and recycle and its materials can be re-used in new or different applications. The vehicle has a very light weight which allows to easily reach high-speeds with a small energy consumption.

The EXPLODER II consists of a four wheel drive system, each one of these wheels uses an individual motor that controls the vehicle direction linked to the steering wheel by a wireless system.

To maximize the use of the fuel´s energy, the body of the EXPLODER was designed to have great aerodynamics; with less resistance to air and a lighter weight, less energy is going to be expended.

The EXPLODER II is an eco-sport SUV concept vehicle has been thought to be an excellent way for green and sport car lovers to have fun in all terrain, enjoying the beautiful surroundings.