7 Reasons To End Every Day With A Foot Massage
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7 Reasons To End Every Day With A Foot Massage

Unless you happen to have exceptionally ticklish feet, a foot massage is one of the most pleasurable physical experiences that anyone can enjoy. Your feet work incredibly hard buttypically get taken for granted. The only time that most people give their feet any TLC is when there is a physical problem.

Massaging your feet at the end of the day offers many great benefits. There isan abundanceof reflex points on your feet, toes and ankles, and these help to identify and improve emotional and physicalhealth issues. Gentle self-massage of these reflexology points, as you prepare for bed every night, is the perfect way to enjoy heightened relaxation, and other benefits.

The Benefits Of Foot Massage

It’s a fact that massage is linked to improved health and wellbeing. What you may not know is that different areas of the feet are connected to specific organs and parts of the body. When you give your feet a pleasurable rub you relieve stress, increase relaxation and improve numerous health issues.

Foot massage helps to improve blood circulation, reduces the effect of edema (swelling) during pregnancy, is beneficial for restless leg syndrome and foot problems, and also positively impacts on the health and appearance of your skin.

If you need more reasons to convince you to apply a little massaging pressure every night, here are a few:

1. Enjoy better sleep

If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep gentle massage is highly effective and works wonders. Concentrating on the area of the feet means that your fingertips will massage over the nerve endings and reflexology points that trigger deep relaxation.

If you are a smoker and you make the switch to buy vape online, you can expect your sleep patterns to naturally change. You’ll begin to crave nicotine less and less, and you’ll therefore enjoy longer periods of restful sleep.

2. Improved circulation

Your poor feet spend most of the day squeezed into tight-fitting or sweaty footwear. When you finally take off your shoes your feet are crying out for a gentle food rub. Massage each foot for 10-15 minutes gets blood circulating properly in the lower limbs. If you suffer from diabetes regular foot massage is highly recommended.Vaping with natural e-liquid may also help to prevent artery cell damage.

3. Headache and migraine relief

Massaging specific reflexology points on the feet can facilitate relief from headache and migraine pain. Paying particular attention to the tops of the toes can also relieve sinus pressure. For best results, refer to a reflexology chart.

4. Lower blood pressure

A feel good foot massage makes you feel relaxed and helps to ease away the stresses of the day. When you massage the feet you also get blood and oxygen flowing, which in turn helps to reduce high blood pressure.

5. PMS and menopause symptomrelief

Hormonal conditionsare much easier to manage when you focus your attention on your feet for 20 minutes. Severe cramping, mood swings, abdominal discomfort and other associates conditions can experience beneficial relief from the circular massaging movements and pressure point manipulation. Many women also experience PMS relief by taking a puff of their favorite vape liquid and e-juice flavors.

6. Helps to manage feelings of depression and anxiety

Mental and emotional health issues, like depression and anxiety, can greatly benefit from healing touch. A foot massage feels blissfully relaxing and can help to temporarily take your attention away from feelings of sadness or despair. Many people with mental health problems are more likely to smoke cigarettes. When you swap cigarettes for vaping with natural e-liquid you avoid the adverse effects of smoking tobacco.

7. General pain relief
Common and general foot problems can be eased with self-massage. If you have flat feet you are likely to experience pain and pressure when standing and walking. A deep, pressure point foot massage can minimize pain and make your feet feel like dancing!