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    A new visual idintity for german photographer Juilia Sellman including webdesign and statonary
A Suitable framework for
young photography — visual
identity for Julia Sellmann
Studying photography, and then what? Julia Sellmann is drawn to independence and freelance work. Already during her studies, the young photographer started
to publish her works, among others, in the SZ-Magazine. Parallel to her Masters-Degree, Julia is starting her career as a freelance photographer.

She joint forces the Dortmund-based Designstudio Koeperherfurth, and created
a visual identity which lets her work breathe, harmonizes with it and supports it.
Julia Sellmann takes pictures to tell stories.

It is exactly this aspiration, that can also be found in the newly designed website. Not a blunt showing of pictures, but a website, that is inspired by an editorial-style telling of stories. Galleries of various lengths, pairs of photographs and text-picture combinations tell the stories behind the individual photograph. Deduced from
her work, the system of colors subdivides the contents, indifferent to being a report about mass weddings in South Korea or portraits of Charlotte Roche for the Vice Magazine
Julias subtle photography receives a suitable framework.

The broad typography, as well as the system of colors, reappears in the printed papers of the photographer. The reduced typographic system but with a tough character, combined with colorful backgrounds, show the peculiarities of Julia Sellmann. Letterheads and business cards are printed with variable fronts and backs. Variety in a row.
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