Shudder me off  
Guardian, can you keep me quiet in my mind? Cause voices within only seem to grow like a tumor and my thoughts aren't stable anymore. Irregularly, it just goes on and on like a road one can’t follow. This is killing me from myself. May be, Guardian, if you shudder me off without letting me known, then, only my thoughts will be petrified. And then only, I can sleep sound. 
To say that I feel nothing
is itself to feel something
I don't know why it has to be so
but I want to feel nothing.
come what may
I am going to suffer from this numbness all over,
I know.
Who knows what future holds?
Who cares even if I am cold ?
What will I be without you..tomorrow ?
and what am I without you now? 
Who knows ! 
who knows what it means to cry..secretly? 
But me. 
Don't speak anything through your eyes.
Cause my silence has a word. 
 In my elysium. 
 Still here but absent to the world.Everything is passing through me like I am a ghost of what you call time

I have tried to be calm and I have been calm- the countless times.
Even when everything felt unexplained,
I have struggled to keep quiet.
But that'd sucked all of my liquids.
I felt my swollen veins other morning.
That weep.
That silence -
it was everything to me.
The Syndrome.
I am quiet and reserved. 
But I talk too much. In my head.
Bare with me, world.