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     Musically Followers | Top 10 Stars
Top 10 Stars on Getting Lots Of Musically Followers is one of the newest video social network apps on the scene, and people all over the world are using it as a platform to express themselves by lip-syncing to hits like Zayn Malik's "Pillow Talk." There are a lucky few who have already found fame making vids featuring their favorite songs and showing off some epic dance moves using the hot app. Keep reading to find out which social media stars you need to be following on, starting with Baby Ariel. The 15-year-old user from South Florida is absolutely killing it on, where she has more than 7 million followers, making her its No. 1 star.

Musically is an app which has turned the internet world upside down particularly for the music lovers. Whether it’s Instagram or any other social media, this app is grabbing all the eyeballs everywhere. Much like any other application, if you are using this one, there is no doubt that you must be trying to get a large number of followers on your account. After all, in today’s technologically advanced world nothing is worth praising until it is already a popular thing amongst the masses. So what if we tell you that you can finally achieve your goal of attaining real musically followers and fans for free?
1. Kristen Hancher

Kristen Hancher may only be 16 years old, but she's already hit almost 5 million followers on and more than 1 million followers on Instagram. The brunette was born and raised in Canada, which shows that you never know where these musers are from!

2. Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius celebrated his 13th birthday with almost 5 million followers on He also has the most popular video for multiple songs, including "Work" by Rihanna. He's also friends with big social media stars like Vine personality Cameron Dallas.

3. Loren Beech

Loren Beech's flawless ability to lip-sync to basically any rap song has earned her more than 4 million followers on (you'll also find countless compilation videos of her skills on YouTube). She's only 13, but she's quickly making her mark and doesn't show any signs of stopping.

4. Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is basically a household name at this point, at least to anyone under the age of 21. He started with Vine, moved on to YouTube, and now he's taking over Since he already had a pretty solid fanbase, it's no surprise he's at more than 4 million followers on the app.

5. Ariana Renee

Ariana Renee, better known on social media as TheyLoveArii, was one of the first musers to crack the 1 million follower mark on Now she's up to almost 4 million followers and even collaborates with Baby Ariel for some videos and events.

6 Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy (Lizzza on is known for being hilarious on pretty much every social media platform. She's already famous for her Vines, Instagram posts, YouTube clips and tweets. So now she's decided to take on and has already racked up almost 3 million followers. She's basically the queen of everything.

7. Mackenzie Ziegler

Mackenzie Ziegler might be best known for her killer moves on "Dance Moms," but she's also got some amazing talent when it comes to lip-syncing. She's already at more than 2 million followers on and is quickly working her way up.

8. Yuma Ramirez

Yulema Ramirez, known to her followers as BabyGirlUlee, has more than 2 million followers on -- and some fierce hair.

9. Zach Clayton

Zach Clayton loves to perform for his ZeBruhNation fan base and has already racked up 2 million followers on, where he's known as bruhitszach. When he isn't too busy making videos, he also does live broadcasts on YouNow.

10 Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler has basically done it all at this point, thanks to being Sia's favorite dancer. She got her start on "Dance Moms" but her fame skyrocketed after she began starring in the Australian pop star's music videos. Now she treats her almost 2 million followers on to lip-synching and dance videos.