My main focus has been as the sole design and primary user experience source for an internal service that improves productivity between consultant and client.

Improvement was needed in regards to the communication between a Hays consultant and their clients who are looking for talent. Points for consideration included better organisation of chosen candidates and its ability to integrate into existing technology within Hays.
When coming into the project, I quickly raised the issue of a lack of a discovery phase and went back into the preferred methods before we even considered design. Interviews with consultants highlighted the level of competitor analysis needed, which was followed through. A redefinition of the user flows was also created based on research into comparison based reports. 

The outcome was an online portal where clients can see the consultant's chosen candidates for a job, but at a more comparative level. With less need to scan through CVs. Extra functionality was placed where clients and choose, reject and request interviews for candidates directly into the portal. Candidate based messaging was also included.