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    OCAD student work: a visual representation of an interpretation of music 2003. What I imagined was inside the head of the musician who wrote the … Read More
    OCAD student work: a visual representation of an interpretation of music 2003. What I imagined was inside the head of the musician who wrote the song. Read Less
In third year fibre explorations at OCAD we had to create various projects of conceptual ideas, it is difficult to translate music and written word into visual art. As at the time I believed the most psychotic song I'd ever heard was Tori Amos "The Waitress" I worked with my professor to come up with a way to portray what I imagined Tori Amos might be feeling when she wrote this song visually. My professor suggested I burn holes into fabric and after experimentation this was the final piece. The word Violence is written in cheap red lipstick. My entire class had fun with this one.
 This is what I imagined Tori Amos would make if she were a visual artist not a musician.
If you have never heard the song, later her rational self sings: "But I believe in peace."
Edit September 24th 2013:
So there is more to this story but at the time of publication I didn't want to publish it.
We were required to relate this piece of art to a person and then present the artwork and our story to the class: this song I related to a girl who went to prom in 1999 with my boyfriend and he claimed she was actually dating a boy who I had also been on dates with but that they already decided to go together so I should get a ticket from one of my female best friends so that I could spend the night with him. That friend later turned out to be a psycho who started stalking me after I moved to North York, Ontario from London, Ontario and actually psychopathically started to take the bus to Toronto to hang out and try to meet people I went to high school with then would take the bus into the city and go visit my boyfriend at work on Queen West not me. She was a complete lunatic and I am happy I will never see all 3 of them ever again. I really think she was obsessed with me when I moved away and not in a bff missing her bff way, because I had like 3 bffs at the time, the one who replaced her just vanished into thin air and doesn't even exist anymore (I actually spoke with someone who works in corrections to find out if that friend was dead or alive and I was told I'd have to hire a private investigator to find out what happened to her, then she said to me, "don't you think if your friend was alive and wanted to see you she would have contacted you?"  seriously. ) and that was the only reason we ended up with the whole prom thing in the first place because I went back to hanging out with my old friends instead of my artschool friends. I'd already moved on from them, and I guess it's lesson that you have to be careful who you let back into your life when you've moved beyond them.
I got up in class and pinned this on a white wall then did a 5 to 10 minute presentation and question and answer period of this piece and talked about how much I hated her and how I could totally relate to what Tori Amos was feeling in this song. It's too bad you all had to find out this way.